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Elian: my two cents again Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Let me first say that I stand firmly in the ranks of those who feel the boy should go with his father. No politics or anything related. He is the sole surviving parent and unless proved to be unfit, his boy belongs with him. Everything I've read leads me to believe there is nothing unfit about the father, ergo the boy belongs with him. Period.

But I could not let Mr. Moore's 'letter' go unchallenged. Patos, I know you only reported it, so my comments are not directed at you. The letter purports to relay the facts. In essence it does, but there is such a liberal left slant to it, it raises my ire. I place no more credence in the liberal left's presentation of 'facts' than I do the ultra right. To me both are at best idealistic cloud glazers with no conception of the real world as it applies to real life. And at worst, dangerous, extremely so to society itself. The musings of Mr. Moore are no more representative of the real truth than those of a John Birch'er. Merely opposite.


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