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hey admin!!!!!! Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu Hi --- i'll try and be diplomatic (i am chokine on this -- really) but i just had an experience that boggled me a bit.

i was looking in the regular screen at the new messages and saw there was one new message under the gripes & political debate thingie.

well it was a response to me from irene sos i answer it. then i get a looksie at the tope and the number of messages say there are three now two when two was correct --- at least in math clase when i went ta school at p.s. 44 and mckee it was.

anyways i decided to do the best thing possible wit a pee brain like mine and look under the number of new messages thingie.

and there was a new new message from a pat about the poor cuban boy being brutalized by people in miami etc.

well anyway, i answer that one two and all da number got screwed up here and--- dam i am so confused and i ain't had my souther comfort in three days cuz my wife has been yell at me.

well anyway, somethin aint rite here.

am i doing sometin wrong or seeing sometin wrong.



p.s. its still a great site and i don't give a rats tail who tells ya utter wize

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