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How went the reading Marguerite Rivas sipoet On 04/18/2000 8:51:00 AM, Cron wrote:
>I vaguely remember the story
>about Polly. Can you direct me
>to more info. Where are the
>graves? Wow! who could
>figure, poetry and drums, but
>I can envision the
>complementing effect(s). Maybe
>I'll hear it someday.

Ron, there is some information about the Polly Bodine murder trial in a book by Dorothy Valentine Smith called, I think, Staten Island Gateway to New York, or something like that. I don't have the exact title. There is a short mention of it in Leng & Davis' Staten Island and Its People. I'm sifting through some court documents, but what I have is more of a synopsis and some things are bewildering and a little sketchy. I haven't figured out what happened to Polly after the trial, although I think she may have lived quite some time after. I did come across a VERY interesting thing in the Richmond County Surrogate Court archives -- the will of Polly's estranged husband. It would seem that in the months before the murder he had been tried on charges of manslaughter and bigamy. I just got this info today and haven't had time to ponder it much. Makes you think. Polly's husband died in Sing Sing in March of 1844. Whether it was in prison or not is not clear from the document that I have. Polly would have been undergoing her trials during this period. Her poor kids. I have not seen one mention of this anywhere. The stuff I've read just says that she was separated from her husband for a number of years.
The graves of the victims of the crime are in Hillside Cemetery overlooking Richmond Avenue.There is a lovely view of a huge Shoprite from the gravesite. How awful a final resting place.

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