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Dark Day at the Bridge made light again Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Liza thought a minute and said: “Ok look through your pockets and I’ll check my purse. Maybe one of us has something we can distract Bernie the Wacker with.”

Searching his pockets the Dutch Boy came up with 3 marbles, two popsicle sticks, his high school bus pass, a piece of dried cornmeal bait, 6 lead split shots, a “nitwit” popping bug, 14 zinc pennies and a brass basket redemption tag on an elastic band from Tompkinsville Pool.

Liza had: a brass ring from Tirelli’s Carousel at South Beach, a personalized aluminum disk/key chain charm made on the vending machine at Al Deppes’, a Delaney card filled out with Clark Kent on the top and Dick Hertz on the bottom, a half jawbreaker wrapped in its’ original wrapper, 2 1/2 tubes of white lipstick, a double sided (heads on both) baseball card of Solly Hemus, and 14 leftover “Basket of Cheer” chance coupons from Good Council’s last fund raiser.

With this pile of loot, they should be able to accomplish their goals…

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