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Da Giants Ain't Won At Home Yet (:>) Charles Schleininger corsair O'Mally moved west for greed. In order to make the move he had to convince the Lords of baseball. So he came up with the idea of moving the Dodger/Giant rivalry west. He took the LA market, a sweet land deal (oil under Dodger Stadium) & the Giants took the least lucrative market of S.F. (not to mention the cold & fog of Candlestick Park). The Dodgers have prospered & the Giants became the poor cousins. The west coast rivalry has yet to hold a torch to the old Ebbits Field - Polo Grounds games. To add insult to injury the Lords of baseball finally realized that the National League could not just give the N.Y. market to the Yankees. So, in came the Mets. It took them 9 years but they have been more successful than the Giants. Moral. the Giants should have stayed in N.Y. rather than languish all these years in the swamps south of S.F.

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