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Island's gonna sink Marguerite Rivas sipoet I came across an interesting account of the abolition of slavery on Staten Island, July 1825. It is from The History of Staten Island by Ira Morris. There was a tremendous celebration in West New Brighton (blocks from where I am now writing this). It seems that for "some time previous" there had been "a panic among the superstitious people of the Island. Somebody had predicted that the island was going to sink... It was the subject of conversation in every house, and wherever the people, white or colored, chanced to meet. Many old residents became so excited over the matter that they sold their property at a discount and removed from the Island. It is said that many crossed over to New Jersey, and stood along the shore almost breathless, momentarily expecting to see the Island sink down into the water and go out of sight forever. The slave had rasoned among themselves that this 'punishment' was caused by their bondage, and that it had been abandoned in consequence of the abolition of slavery."

Weird, huh?

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