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Dark Day at the Bridge Linda Sura Liza(1) When Liza and Dutch Boy arrived at Egger's, there was a sign on the door that read,"Closed due to milk shortage." They decided to make their way up Forest Ave to the other Egger's store to see if that one was operating.
On their way, they passed Ketchum and Cheatums used buggy
lot and stopped in to see if they could take a test drive. Mr. Ketchum told them his demonstrator model had just come back full of chicken bones and dog poop and they would have to wait until it was cleaned and ready to use.
Dutch Boy pulled our a pair of silver skates, snapped on wheels, and put them on.
"My friend, Hans Stinker, loaned these skates to me. Hop up on my shoulders and we'll get to Egger's much faster."
When they arrived, there was a crowd of people milling around the front of the store. Liza hopped off Dutch Boy's shoulders and ran to the front door. There was another "closed" sign and the door was locked tight. Some people held cans of Bosco chocolate syrup while others held signs that read, "Give us back our cream!" Every one in a while, someone would let out an ear piercing scream. Alarmed, Liza tapped one of the people on the arm to get his attention.
He turned to Liza and yelled, "SCREAM! SCREAM! WE WANT OUR CREAM!"
Liza yelled, "What the heck is going on here?"
The man, who looked at lot like JR, said, "I scream, yu scream, we all scream fer ice cream!"
Liza covered her ears, her head was beginning to throb. "You can't get what you want by screaming," she yelled back.
The man looked closely at Liza. "Say! Aren't yu da roy-al milkmaid? Wad cha du wit all da cream?"
Dutch Boy grabbed Liza's hand and pulled her away from the crowd. "Quick! Lets get out of here."
Liza and Dutch Boy raced past Sai Lin's Chinese restaurant, past Kentyucky Fried Chicken and Kobrins Drugstore. They headed toward Richmond Ave and decided to stop at the Carvel. In large red letters a sign was posted, "NO TEATS, NO TREATS."
"Oh this is awful!" Liza cried.
Dutch Boy's attention was directed across the street to Wetson's drive in.
Someone was dressed as a cow, ringing a bell and shouting, "Get yer burgers and milkshakes ova heah fa only 15 cents!"
"People were lining up along the sidewalk to get a burger and a milkshake "
Liza turned to Dutch Boy. "How do they have milk when no one else does?"
"And to sell it so cheap too!"
Liza and Dutch Boy made their way past the crowd and around the back of the burger stand.
They slipped in the back door, and crept on their hands and knees, keeping a low profile , to find out what was going on.
The floor beneath them vibrated with some sort of machinery running below. Liza could hear the cries of cows below.
Liza whispered to Dutch Boy, "there has to be a trap door."
Dutch boy shook his head and pointed to the cook. It was none other than "Bernie The Wacker", wanted in 3 counties for questioning in the famous Sam Menilla case.
To make matters worse, the trap door was located in front of the grill where Bernie was flipping the burgers.
Dutch Boy whispered to Liza. "We got ta make a plan..."

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