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Mole Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I like old gags, too.

Mainly because after all this time, they're all pretty old.

The companion to the molasses joke, which I also heard when I was a pup on StatNisland was this one:

What did one chicken say to the other on observing that Mama Hen laid not an egg, but an orange?

Look at the orange marmalade.

And that ain't all.

What did the hen say that laid a square egg?

Okay, I'm gonna make you wait, just like the other guy did.

What she said wuz,


Which reminds me of the one we used to sing on long drives through Jersey and back, to keep the kids from fighting too much in the back seat of the Rambler, which used to drive Molly and Leo nuts:

I had a little chicken who wouldn't lay an egg;

So I poured hot water up and down her leg;

The little chicken cried,

And the little chicken begged,

And the little chicken laid,

A hard boiled egg!


when Leo, my dad, heard an old one, told by me, thinking it wuz a new one, here's what he'd say:

"The first time I heard that one I laughed so hard I kicked the slats outta my crib."

See, this is Olde StaatNisland humor.

It predates the Dutch. The God-damned Dutch, as the saying went. Not to be confused with the Amsterdam Dutch or the Rotterdam Dutch.

You could always tell a Dutchman.

But you couldn't tell him much.

Any rate, we were on the subject of StatNisland humor.

That was it.

What can you remember from way back then?

Any slat-kickers as good as these?


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