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Thought for the day - Bunkers & Blues Harry White hrwhite The other name for mossbunkers, probably the correct name is menhaden When I fished for them in the surf we used wire leaders and big hooks baited with bunker back or a strip if cut bunker. That was the bottom fishing technique. When the baby/small bunkers were schooling the blues and stripers would feed in the school. The water would boil as the small fish tried to get away from the big fish. I would fish these schools by casting a block tin squid (fish shaped piece of metal with feathers or a piece of pork rind tied to the hook) out into the school and retrieving it. What a thrill when a blue or a striper slammed into that lure. I would follow the school as it migrated along the shore.
It's funny, my mom was the one who joined me when we cast for the feeding blues and stripers. My dad stuck to his bottom fishing.
Mom would bake the stripers it was a real treat. Last weekend we had friends over for dinner. I baked 2 trout using mom's recipe. It is the only recipe of mom's that I remember. Here it is if ya wanna try it:
ingredients, potatoes, onions, lemon, whole fish, bacon, salt & pepper. A pan or dish that is oven safe and has a cover.
1.) slice (I cut them on the thin side) up the raw potatoes, an onion and a lemon.
2.) place several slices of bacon on the bottom of the pan.
3.) place 1-2 layers of potatoes on top of the bacon.
4.) place onions to taste on top of the potatoes. I usually break the slices into rings and then spread them around.
5.) place another layer of potatoes on top of the onions.
6.) put one or 2 strips of bacon on top of the potatoes where the fish will be placed.
7.) put the fish on top of the bacon strips. If baking 2 fish place them in the pan in opposite directions.
8.) place a couple of strips of bacon on top of the fish.
9.) place remaining potatoes along side of the fish.
10.) salt and pepper to taste.
11.) put 1-2 onion slices on top of the fish, 1 near the head one near the tail. put a slice of lemon on top of the onion. hold in place with a tooth pick.
12.) bake covered in 350-375 oven for 30 minutes.
13.) remove cover and put back in oven till potato edges brown.
Serve and enjoy.

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