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Thought for the day - Killies & Crabs Harry White hrwhite I remember mossbunkers well. They died and washed up on the beaches making a great stink. Dead bunkers tied onto the bottom of crab traps or ground up into chum were great for crabbing or making a chum line. I caught a few nice blues and stripers surf casting off of Midland Beach.
I also enjoyed freshwater fishing. Started with a stick, string and bent pin hook fishing for sunnys. Moved up to a casting outfit then a flyrod and then a openface spinnig outfit. Bought the spinning outfit, Arix reel and pole, with 13 silver dollars I found burried in a Prince Albert tobacco can.
I still fish quite a bit. Fresh water and flyrod for trout. I do have saltwater surf spinning gear but have not been anywhere where I could use it for some time. Fishing is a great time.

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