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Thought for the day - Killies & Crabs Dan Blaine DBLIVIT I started my fishing in freshwater: Clove Lakes. After a couple of years, my friend and I decided we wanted to try our luck in salt water. (we were 10 or 11). So we somehow found our way via bus out to the Great Kills Harbor bulkhead. We were casting spoons and not having much luck. Then I happened to snag a fish in the tail and reeled him in.

Both of us thought it was a bluefish. I proudly brought it home and gave it to my Norwegian neighbor, who was happy to finally have one of the famous good eating NY bluefish that he heard so much about.

That night he came over and got my mother to check out what had went wrong with his cooking...his kitchen stunk and the greasy black smoke that came out of the oven had stuck to his curtains and walls.

My mother looked at the remnants of the fish in the baking pan and told him and us: this was no bluefish, this was a MOSSBUNKER!

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