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Dark Day at the Bridge Dan Blaine DBLIVIT The Dutch Boy had a vision: he wanted to paint Liza the Milkmaid in a setting where he had only painted seascapes before. He envisioned her dressed in a "Sheena of the Jungle" swim suit posed leaning against one of the concrete pilings at the old pier on St. Mary's beach.

Only he and a few of the other sh*tpickers working at Wolfe's Pond knew the secret dirt path and the hole in the fence that allowed them to sneak over to St. Mary's beach when there weren't any nuns around to accuse them of trespassing.

However, when he met Liza at the Hofbrau, he was disappointed, and being a Dutchman came right to the point:

"I want to paint your portrait, but you are not buxom enough to fit my school of art's concept of womanhood. In the tradition of the old Dutch Masters, I require that you have a Rubenesque figure. Therefore, I invite you to come with me to Ann's Sugar Bowl have one of old man Demyan's banana splits."

"But I work at the royal dairy, and get to skim the cream after I milk Louis Eib's cows" replied Liza.

"Yes, but most of the cream goes to Egger's ice cream shop on Broadway, so you can't be getting too much of it" said the Dutch Boy.

"OK, I'll go with you to Egger's and you can buy me a black&white shake there, because I don't like old man Demyan, he's too bossy." said Liza.

So they left the Hofbrau and headed for Egger's in the hopes that the ice cream there would put some meat on Liza's bones and she would be able to pose for the Dutch Boy's masterpiece: "Muse at St. Mary's".

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