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St. Mary's Beach? Marguerite Rivas sipoet I spent the afternoon with my husband and our kids at the beach at the foot of Page Avenue. My family used to have a bungalow there in the '30's, 40's and very early '50's. This is where my parents met when my mom was thirteen and my dad was seventeen. There was a rope swing there and our kids had so much fun playing on it -- just a piece of rope with driftwood tied to a branch. We combed the beach collecting oyster shells for some inspiration for my epic. Oysters are a recurring image. Here's the thing I wanted to ask you oldtimers -- was this beach known as St. Mary's Beach? I think I recall my mom calling it this. Another thing, would anyone know what a very old stone cross, about a foot high be doing in the area. Any old burial grounds there? Just wondering if any of youse would know.

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