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Invitation Robert Sheridan bobsheridan While this seems sorta unnecessary, maybe it is necessary, somewhat.

Someone emailed me a message and among other things stated that he/she had been looking in on us for some time before getting up the nerve to contribute.

If there's anyone else with chilly toes, come on in, the water's fine.

What we do here is talk.

It starts out as StatNisland kinda talk, like where you went to high school, if you did, and branches out to everything else, like where you live now and what your grandkids like to do, if you have any. I don't. But my StatNisland friend at the Caffe Roma, Marcovecchio da Paisano, just had a grand-daughter, Alexia. Now I've gotta look at pictures.

At any rate, don't be afraid to put your two cents worth in here. All you're likely to get is static at worst. After all, there are only three choices: some will agree with you (boring), some will disagree with you (mildly more interesting, but disagreement is their problem, not yours), and the rest will simply ignore you regardless of what you say.

In the worst case, someone will tell you that you're nuts, which you already knew, otherwise you wouldn't play here, so that shouldn't bother you.

So visitors are invited to respond to what they're reading. If you have a StatNisland experience, mention it, or better yet describe it. Best of all is to include a recipe from when you lived, and ate, here. If it concerns crumb buns, that's all the better.

If you recognize anyone you went out with, don't mention it. We all know where StatNisland romances occurred and we sure don't want to be reminded.

But if you went to the beach, and remember the kindly lifeguards, you can mention that.

So, jump in, the water's shallow. Which is not to say particularly clean.

But, hey, we're from StatNisland, and immune to most things that float.


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