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Electronic Filing? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu jr,

i agree wit ya. i got a tax pra prayer too. been using her for about 15 years. started paying her $25.00 now da last bill was $165.00.

got my state check back last week and it paid off four bills i had outstanding.

waiting for my federal check which will be used ta pay for my trip in may to new england with daughter and grand daughter and still have many bucks left over.

yea i over pay, but dat way i can pay off some bills and have a vacation tooo with some left over for der missus ta spend on herself.

i hate da forms. all i do is give dat little ol lady all da material, talke wit her for about 20 minutes, get her e-mails on latest developments. listen to her complain dat i am too conservative and walla, my taxes are done, and i got da bloody gov't outta my memory for anutter year.

god bless america


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