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Gimmie a Break Jim Obermeyer Dadoo My sons are in the six grade and I've have always been concern and involved with their schooling. Every year I get to know all the teachers. I always get great compliments about the boys and I'm respected for being a good parent.
There's been a big change in the school since this Colubine thing has taken place. I have had many a talk with my sons about how to act what to say and how to play the game while in school. I keep them well aware that they are being watched.
The harmless act of playing cops and robbers or cowboys and indians and using your finger for a gun is just the thing the school like to look for. But they have that "under control" here by not allowing the kids to have any recess.
My sons have proven to me that they are responsible 12 year olds. They both have Red Ryder BB guns, they both have go carts, and I let them drive my car and van (in my lot). But the school system doesn't make any allowances for responsibility, Zero tolerance means just that. So one simple gesture on their part like using their fingers for a gun will ruin their perfect records. By the way, all the things I allow my sons to do have been supervised by me and they had to earn my trust and they are allowed to do on their own now, but the one thing I don't let them do alone is watch this wrestling on TV. They enjoy it but I'm always there putting my two cents in. This wrestling mania is out of control, but I won't keep them from watching it...I'd rather have them expose to it, with me right there telling them the truth.
Things have changed in our society and we have to face up to it. The things we once did innocently are now consider criminal while everyone else is getting away with murder.

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