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Staten Island Web Photo Album Marguerite Rivas sipoet Oh ARt, it really is so touching to see off of youse guys on this site. You've done such a nice job. I love your starting out with the Al Deppe's hot dog. Do you suppose you could add more photos of places? I wish I had a picture of EJ Korvettes. I'd give my eye teeth to see a picture of that. I don't know why exactly -- yes I do-- my earliest shopping trips with mom, I guess. Mom used to take me to Perth Amboy on the ferry to shop and then Korvettes opened and there we went. Oh how I miss my mother. I'm such a baby, I guess.
P.s. if we could add more photos, I'd be glad to take a few. I saw a beautiful snowy egret wading in Alison Pond yesterday and I thought,"I wonder if some StatNislader in exile might be interested in seeing this."

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