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I remember dem flukes too.
Dad and I would put out our killie pot da night before ta catch da little guys. Da killie pot was homemade outta like 3/8ths mesh screen rolled into a 12 inch tube. Each end was like a funnel into da tube. One of da funnel ends was laced in a few spots with wire so ya could take da end off to dump da killies into da bucket. Bait was old bread. Da pot was put in one a da near by creeks.
Bait in hand we headed to Midland, Graham or South Beach. Usually fished da in/outlet of South Beach. Always from da surf. Dad would not go out in boats. We only used one hook and it was rigged wit a 3 way swivel and a round 3 oz lead sinker. Dad said, "Round sinkers let the bait move wit da tide and appear more natural to da fishes." Our 2 piece poles, also homemade, split bamboo and hand wrapped guides had Penn reels firmly attached. The line was linen or cotton, some natural fiber. The poles were probably 8 feet long to give ya the leverage required cast from da shore out to where da fishes were waiting.
After riggin up but wit out bait ya would walk out inta da water and make ya foist cast. It hadda be a short cast to get da line wet. If ya tried to long a cast ya would burn ya thumb cause ya thumb was used to control da rate da line came offa da reel spool. Now dat da line was wet ya could put on da bait. Yeah killies have necks or at least that is where dad told me to hook dem. All baited up ya cast out as far as ya could. Theory was da bigger da cast da bigger da fish. Now ya leaned da pole against a stick. Da stick was something like a stickball bat but longer, sharpened on one end to poke inta da sand and wit a V shaped notch on da udda end where da pole rested. Ya set the ratchet, put da reel in free spool and set back watchen da tip for da tug of a fish.
When da tip mved ya grab da pole, take da reel outa freespool, flick off da ratchet and try to hook da fish. Oh what a great feeling to have a fish hooked a pullen against ya. Some times da fish was a fluke sometimes it was an eel. Both were fun ta catch but it sure was easier to unhook da flukes. Dem eels would squirm all ova da place and de had slime all ova dem and they would make knots in ya line. Best way ta deal wit dem was a well placed bang on da head to put dem at rest.
Wit our burlap potato sack full, well almost full, it was time ta go home. Any left over killies were released. I liked to watch them swim off.
Once home mom would come out to check out our catch. She would have a bunch of newspaper and da cleaning tools ready. Da catch went into a tub of water to rinse off da sand. Da flukes were easy ta clean but dem eels were tough. Ya had to skin dem. First ya made a cut at da throat, if killies have necks den eels can have throats. Ya cut through da back bone to da skin. Den ya made a slit down da gut and removed da guts. Now ya took a knife and carefully cut da flesh from da skin a little ways. Wit one hand holden da flesh and da udder hand holden da head ya pulled da skin off of da eel.
Mom would shake da fish pieces in a paper bag containing flour, salt and pepper, and den put dem in da hot fat ta cook. YUM YUM!!

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