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Ahhh Gina * Gina On 04/13/2000 3:53:00 PM, patos wrote:
>Nice and quiet. Time enough to
>read all posts. Would be nice
>to be down on the jetty in
>Midland beach fishing for
>fluke and swilling beer
>sitting on a lawn chair on
>saturday afternoon on a 75 deg

OK so I'll bring my own beach chair...what I want to know is can I borrow a fishing rod n will ya put the yucky worm on the hook fer me - it's a boy thing don't ya know LOL

And then when I catch a whole bunch of fish will ya de-hook it, de-scale it, de-bone it, cut it up in nice neat n clean pieces ready to be cooked for dinner?

Well I WILL cook it for ya, long as ya clean uP when we're done ROFL

BTW make mine a nip, please :)


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