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Thoughts and Prayers Appreciated. Karen Weckerle karanlate Thanks for all of your wishes...methinks they may come true! I've got a second interview with a director level in the department (weds was the VP) and if it goes as well as this one did, and if no one else is more qualified, I can't imagine me not getting it. With a positive attitude, I remind myself that Lucent is not the end of the road. If they don't want me I'm sure someone else will. I mean I'd sell my body, but I already have enough pocket change.
Anyone look at the Help Wanted section in the NY Times lately? It's a dead sea scroll. However, if I do get the boot...I'm retiring for a few months. Spring is in the air! Here's to Friday and another round of prayers...if I have to be on my knees, I need company!

Thanks again for all the boosts! I could get egotistical!


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