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Huguenot Beach Poem Margie Stephens Margie Thank you for the lovely poem. I, too, have printed it out. It is, as they say, "suitable for framing." Made me see the beach at the foot of my street where my brother and I spent a lot of time. Thanks for helping me bring back good memories. I sat here smiling as I read.

JR, you was dere when SF had Market street paved wid wooden planks? I wuz goin' to school up off Powell Street (rode the cable car). Well, sometimes I took my bike. Once I was riding on Market and my front wheel slipped between two planks. Stuck solid. I could not pull it out. You'd a thunk I wuz in New Yawk da way dis guy stood around and gawked at me! "Help me pull it out already!" yells I as da bus driver is honkin' at me. Geez, he musta woiked in NYC before he went to San Francisco.

Margie who now rides on paved streets

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