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Thought for the day - Baseball Gina * Gina On 04/13/2000 2:50:00 PM, hrwhite wrote:
>I guess we are polite company
>since most of us seem to
>struggle with this computer
>And some words are so overly
>used that there impact has
>been lost. F..k in the past
>was an attention getter. Now
>a days it has about as much
>impact dam. F..k probably
>still startles those of us in
>the dam age group but it rolls
>off of the tongues of the
>younger folks. The color and
>attention getting is gone.
>And while I'm at it who gave
>the homosexuals that once
>wonderful word gay. I liked
>the word gay. It meant happy,
>cheerful, bright, etc. I
>guess homosexuals deserved
>something better than queer
>but who gave them permission
>to redefine gay? Why not call
>the homosexual group lesbs.

how about back to what neal started

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Topic:Thought for the day - baseball
From: neal
Date:Monday, April 10, 2000 08:40 PM,3e#18504

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