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i have two hard disk drives. all software is installed on the c drive. all files on the d drive.

all downloads are downloaded to the d drive in a folder called temp. after the download is completed, i log off the system, then installed the software (after having it double checked for viruses). after it is installed, the downloaded file is put into a folder under temp called installed. after a couple weeks and all is well, the downloaded zipped filed is deleted or put on a jaz disk for later use if necessary.

as for downloading netscape or i-explorer, well i have learn at home and here on the job, downloading these things off the i-net is a very tricky and sometimes dangerous thing to do.

i now order form the company a cd with the software on it. believe me, it saves time, money, but most of all agravation. i don't have to sit around waiting for a download to take place, even on a t1 line, especially the one i have here in the office. its slower than s--t in a boonie outhouse.

anyway, my suggestion is to pay the ten bucks, get a cd from the guys --- send them a check, no i-net buying with credit cards, then load your stuff.

as for the plugins welllll i don't bother anymore, tain't worth my time. i just download the file save it to the temp folder then go in and read it with my various viewing tools. if one don't work another will.


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