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Here's a little suggestion that may help you not to lose your files:

In program manager create a directory titled AAA (or Bob or Mimi or whatever you'll remember ez)
Now create another titled: myDownload
Now create a third directory titled Attach

The AAA directory:
Documents you create in just about any program, can be saved to this directory.

1. you write a letter using a word processing program or note pad or wordpad or whatever - click file, click save, find the AAA directory, click (or double click) to open it - now name your file and click OK to save.

2. Now open the built-in Paint program - do a doodle - click file, click save, find the AAA directory, click (or double click) to open it, name your creation, click OK or save.

Let's say in example #1 you wrote a letter to slick willy telling him not to wear such bright lipstick in public and you named it SlickWillylips.doc when you saved it. It would now be located at C:/AAA/SlickWillylips.doc so when you wanted to open it again all you would have to do is click file, click open, find the AAA directory click (or double click) to open it, find SlickWillylips.doc, click (or double click) on it, it will either auto open or it will appear in the file box and you have to click OK for it to open.

In example #2 you do a doodle and save it as MyDoodle.bmp
the saved location would be C:/AAA/MyDoodle.bmp

The key is to direct ALL your documents to ONE directory named AAA (or whatever you want to call it) no matter what program you use to create it.

YES I know there are built-in directories for saving in most programs - the trick is to bypass the built-in and put it where YOU can find it with ease. The advantage of directing all your file saves to one directory is that you'll always know where to find them.

OK so you don't want only 1 directory - I suggest you still start with the AAA directory and within it make sub-directories



Using this method of saving files keeps YOUR created files separated from any of the programming & execution files that are functional parts of any program.

A BIG advantage is YOU ALWAYS know where everything is and if you want to make a back-up copy all you have to do is put a floppy in you A: drive Click START with the RIGHT mouse button, click Explore - this will open you Program Manager, find you AAA Directory click to highlight it, click your right mouse button, click copy, now click on Floppy (A:) at the top of the column, click paste.......and there ya go, you have now made a back uP copy of you AAA directory and everything in it to a floppy disk in your A: drive.

NO "U" don't have to copy the whole directory if you don't want to. "U" can copy 1 file or any of the sub-directories the same way. Matter of fact you can put each sub-directory on a separate floppy disk if you so desire.

Now lets talk about the third directory I mentioned in the beginning called: myATTACH.

Ya know those e-mails that come with attachments such as family pictures or cartoons or whatever? Don't ya get annoyed when "U" can't find the damn things after they download? Well depending on what e-mail program your using, under options/preferences there should be something that says ATTACHMENTS or ATTACH or SAVE - find it and there should be an option for you to choose the directory where ou would like this attachment files saved... direct it to the ATTACH Directory you created then they can ALWAYS be at: C:/ATTACH

If your using Outlook Express that come with Internet Explorer - when you get an attachment it will be indicated by a paper clip you the have the option of saving it, click on it, when the save option comes uP direct it to you ATTACH directory and that's where it will go. This way the next time you want to view it or maybe you'll want to later delete it you can just go to your myATTACH Directory and do you thing :) **I'm pretty sure the built-in mail in Netscape works the same way (Maybe BobC can fill us in on directing Attachments that come w/ Netscape)

Now to myDOWNLOAD...
When you d/l something from the Internet, first be very cautious about where you're d/l'ing it from.

Most times a message comes up asking you if you would like to Install from location or Save File. If you choose Save File you will then be prompted for a Save Location - direct the file your saving to your myDOWNLOAD Directory where you can later find the d/l'd file at C:/myDOWNLOAD

Again you can also make sub-directories



*Can't remember what program you initiated a document from...right button click START, click Explore, find your AAA Directory, locate the file you want to open NOW DOUBLE CLICK on it - MOST TIMES the program it's associated with will now open (as long as you still have the program LOL)

See HOW EZ all this puter stuff is...

Hope this helps.

Happy Filing :)

*RS - d/l SmartUpDate - it sure makes things easier when using Netscape and having to get the uPgrades & plugins.


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