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Rich's Computer Clinic Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Mimi, I just went thru this. I downloaded the key file, called sd_cc32e472en.exe, which, if you double click on it, brings in Netscape Ver 4.72. if you're on the net.

I'd downloaded this sd_ file a long time ago but couldn't find it. So I did a "find" and found it in some directory where it shouldn't be. I then hit the Windows Start key to access the program "Windows Explorer." I dragged the file from where it shouldn't be over to the Windows Desktop file. I double clicked it while on line and it started executing, bringing in Netscape 4.72 for the next three hours. At least that's what it said it wuz doin' and I left it alone for that long. The word "successful" appeared,so I guess it was, I haven't thought yet how to tell. Guess I'll find out when I try to use Netscape again.

I don't know what to suggest if your "finder" won't find. Maybe you have to search the whole "C" directory instead of just part, or even the A-drive in case you downloaded to a floppy or sumptin' by mistake, or some other drive designator. Then you should find the file and try what I did above.

I hope this solves the "plug-in" problem.


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