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Rich's Computer Clinic C Connelly mcgil Hey Rich,
I have the same problem as Bob, I download something and then can't found the file. However, unlike Bob, I live in the boonies and do shop on the internet. Last week my browser, Netscape, told me that if I'm going to continue shopping securely, I needed to download the the newest free version of Netscape with its newest encription stuff.

So, I did. Followed all their instructions, wrote down the name of the file they said they were downloading to. The download took about an hour and when it finished (successfully they told me), I went to find the file that they said they downloaded. It wasn't there. I used "find" and it said the file didn't exist. I looked at my netscape files and quite a few had a current date. So I thought, maybe it updated the files automatically. However, when I went in to a shopping site yesterday, the same message telling me to update my browser popped up. HELP! How do I get this to work?


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