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File Extensions Neal Mulligan neal Hey Bob,
I feel the way you do. None of the reference books I have help when that menu pops up. I can't imagine how the computer nics think that that screen is of any value.

A while ago I had a similar experience with computer download speak. I was offered an upgrade to Real Player 7, for $29.99. They lead me through 7 or eight screens until I had an order for some $119.99 worth of purchases. They did offer an edit order and I struck out all but the $29.99 item. I was asked whether I wanted the program sent to me 4-6 weeks or to download now. You guessed it I chose download now. four or five screens later I was given a new choice. Deluxe version, advanced version, short version. Well I was paying $29.99 so I chose the deluxe. A couple more screens and then downloading began. Estimated time of completion 45 hrs. 30 min.

This may be the last internet purchase I make

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