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THE POMEROY GROUP - COMBAT Stanley J. Singer sjsinger Corsair,

Altho, I was in the 12th, the operations were about the same with some exceptions, our weatherman was always wrong. intelligence would say no flak, no fighters and the sky would be blacked out by flak, and the Yellow Nosed Herman Goering fighters would be on our tails, we seldom had fighter support and when we did, it was alas the P-39 or the P-63 and once in a while the P-38, but they would not stay around too long. The Red Cross coffee could melt your teeth and the doughnuts would break them and yes, they charged the officers for the refreshments. We did get one jigger of Bourbon after each mission. I would save it up until a good occasion arose, then have a ball. I saved up quite a bit after 109 missions.
Incidentally, we bombed the railroad yards in Rome with B-25's but we did let our bombs go as we were only at 10,000 feet.
Keep the story going it brings back some memories. Stan Singer

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