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File Extensions Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Hey I got one for you two computer puzzlers while you're trying to figure out Harry's.

Sometimes I'll visit a new website and I'll get a message that says, essentially, that I need a certain type of program to successfully download the whole thing. Then a list pops up asking which one I want to use, as apparently I have a bunch. But I have no clue which to choose. Sometimes I have to download the magic program which allows me to read the download. If I waste the time doing that, the download usually winds up someplace where I can't find it again anyway. Lately the message tells me my browser version is outdated and do I want to download the newest, at a cost of maybe half an hour, not counting the "transfer interrupted" error message I see after 29 minutes. So I just say screw it, da hell with the download.

It's like the gal you meet in the bar who says, "Your place or mine," and you say, "Well, if you wanna argue about it, fergeddit."

Which is a lot better than, "Do you want to come upstairs and make love, honey? whereupon, according to a recent posting, you say, "You mean you want me to do both?" Or somesuch.

See that's what happens you hang around here too long.


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