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What Wuz It Like Back Then On StatNisland George Jaenicke grjaenicke RS

Talk about good memories yours is excellent also. Your post also sparked a few more thoughts. When you talked of the hot wet tar being laid down and rolled over the loose stones on the street, I thought of all the plain dirt roads on the South Shore that were sprayed with oil to keep the dust down. It was later discovered that a lot of this oil contained PCB’s. I can still remember the smell of that oil on a hot summer day. Some of the dirt roads were so well oiled they looked as though they were paved, and the surface was just as hard.

The furnace in your home was a steam or hot water system, we weren’t that fortunate, ours was a big “central heater” with a register about three feet square in the floor over the furnace. There was a second register right above it going up to the second floor.

I do recall the windows freezing up on the inside on cold winter days, and us scraping the ice off the inside of the window with our fingernails. Then Mom would holler at us because it left marks when it all finally melted and she would complain about having to wash the windows again.

Coal did make good sidewalk chalk and it was also a common item in our stockings at Christmas. I mentioned to my nephew one time a year or two ago that if he wasn’t good he would get coal in his stocking at Christmas. His response was, HUH? He did not have a clue as to what I was talking about, boy, it made me feel instantly ancient.

Being bombed by the Russkis brought back memories of the “duck and cover” drills that we used to go through in school. A lot of good that would have done if we were nuked.

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