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uPdated Roll Call...Where R U Now? Karen Weckerle karanlate Hello all. Admittedly, I was one of the scared off. I popped into your lives a few times, but when I became a member there was an unfortunate situation I think I need not dredge up whereby a few of you had some heated personal comments for each other. A few times, even with my lack of personal relationships with all of you, I begged you to stop being that the reason I became interested in the site was for a history lesson on areas of SI that I'm not that familiar with, not to see an electronic version of WWF.

I, too, was born in Richmond Memorial Hospital in March of 1967 where I think they promptly dropped me on my head. I still live with my dad in Tottenville and he is very proud. He says his children are like boomerangs...he throws them out and they keep coming back to him! Dad moved to Tottenville at the age of two in 1932 from Jersey City, as his mother feared the more frequent fires consuming the row houses in that area. My grandfather worked on the Pennsylvania RR and oftentimes would not be home for days. Her greatest fear was having to choose which of her five children she'd need to save on her own. My mother was a transfer from Queens at age 13. Unfortunately, her dad was pretty much one of the town drunks. She was ungainly and heavy and almost drowned at the beach at the end of Manhattan Street. My dad, the lifeguard, saved her life. Not wanting the attention when her father came to thank the guy who saved his only daughter, my dad coyly pointed to the guy standing next to him. It wasn't until my mother returned as a very svelte Jr. Lieutenant in the Navy that she caught my father's eye. My mom used to get mad when she'd ask my father to tell us how he proposed to her and he would always joke and say, "I said yes." My mom passed away in 1983 and my father had never remarried. She's buried in the corner of the cemetery in Mt. Loretto and I wave to her all the time. She would have loved this site for all of the memories. Some of you may have even had her as a substitute teacher in Tottenville High School. She was so well liked, she even substituted for auto shop. What a joke! She managed to pull it off when she only knew how to change the oil.

The stories I could tell you are multitudinous (how's that for a $.25 Scrabble word?) and certainly would keep you in stitches.

Well...I have a job to do...until a later time!


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