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Thought for the day Bob Kress GLYDER

You don't have to be good to play short ,I played shortstop and I wasn't that good, I was also left handed which was supposed to be taboo .Later when i was a teen I played center field and gave my coach grey hairs by throwing the ball straight home to get the runner from second ,who was trying to score . I threw 1 guy out for the third out of the inning and got yelled at for not hitting the cutoff man or throwing to second to stop the hitter. When I did it again the next inning the coach benched me and my replacement did just as I did :) We both got our men out so I couldn't see why he was so frustrated .He must have been a rules type guy because he never let me play short and only said "LEFTIES DON'T " when I asked I never got an explanation.

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