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Why we come here C Connelly mcgil Staten Island will always be, as Gina says, "the home of my heart." This ties into a topic that rs posted a week or so ago which asked something to the effect of what we learned by being from Staten Island.

The two most important men in my early life were my Dad and my Grandfather. My Mom was an only child and my sister and I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My grandfather spent his entire life living on Staten Island, but he was an explorer. We constantly went for long walks and drives around the island and over the bridges. He taught me to be an explorer,not to be afraid to discover what was around the next corner and how to always find my way home.

With my Dad's job, we moved off the Island several times. But our Staten Island roots were always at the forefront. When anyone in our family spoke of "home," it meant SI. At holidays and during the summers, whenever we weren't in school, we went home. When I graduated from college, I went home. What my Dad taught me is that you can leave your spiritual home without digging up your roots. And when you return home, your roots are still intact.

This site is a way for me to go home without having to endure the traffic.


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