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What Wuz It Like Back Then On StatNisland Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu bob,

ok ya got me there -- i'm not sure where to begin, but if this stuff is read by someone 50 or 100 years from now i hope he can understand me. i am not really good at this. i am just a person who likes to have good clean fun.

growing up on staten island in the 50's, 60's. and early 70's.

i remember living at 200 victory blvd, second floor right side of building. going to bed hungry many a night because we didn't have much.

shortly thereafter i was in mt. loretto. there were good and bad experiences the two or some odd years i was there. i have already posted these.

after leaving the mount, i remember living in a one room roomey house at 14 styvenson??? place just down the street from the court house in st. george. we lived there for about a year.

then we moved to mariners harbor to 15 coonley court. our landlord was a real speaking italian. they were great people. the neighbors were all italian. i believe we were the onely ones who were not. i took accordian lessions. ran around mariners harbor, roaming through the woods that were still there. camping out on hot summer nights with only a blanker, a small frying pan and some beans with patotes.

i remember south ave above forrest ave -- going there on my road master one speed bike that i paid ten dollars for third hand.

i remember ps 44 and most of my teachers who taught me all about honesty, integerity, credibility but most of all how to help someone who was in need. mrs. walters and mr quinn were the two teachers that stand out the most in my mind. both are now gone, mr. quinn just about a year or so ago.

then moving to richmond terrace above a grocery store. working on a mr softee ice cream truck in the summer and sams canteen truck in the winter (weekends only). doing gardening work. and later as a teenage playing the accordian, piano and organ in a band.

yes the memories are good --- some are bad, but i would not change any of it for all the money in the universe.

i accentially found this site about two years ago. i used to peek in and just look around. somehow i got involved and i am not disappointed.

on this site we have humour, we have intellengence, we have character --- but most of all we have each other as family --- current and former staten islanders.

oh yea, i moved here to maryland in 75 with my family because this was where i was able to get a job --- making less then i did in nyc, but then again, i was out of the city.

i hope this helps all of you to understand me some, but keep in mind, i ain't really much for words, just like to have fun.


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