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Why we come here Jim Donnelly Artful Codger I too first dropped in here looking for an old friend who went to McKee. His name in grade school was Andrew Dorman, and it was probably still Andrew Dorman at McKee. But he always wanted to be an actor, and I heard that he later changed his name to Cal Dorman.

From the sixth grade to the eighth Andrew and I used to sit at the dining room table drawing comic books. Whole 32-page comic books. I think we turned out three issues of Lightning Comics.

I remember that he always insisted on acting, too. His older brother had two cavalry sabers and Andrew would bring them around once in a while. They had blunted edges, but we could easily have put each other's eyes out with them. We would have to go out into the back yard so that Andrew could be Douglas Fairbanks Jr. or Cornel Wilde. Once he jumped out at me from behind a bush waving his sword and shouting "Behold!" which broke me up altogether.

I guess he graduated from McKee. I was gone to the left coast before then. But I haven't found him yet.

Jim Donnelly
Hyattsville, Maryland

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