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I did all that too. I even used to put my feet in the fluoroscope to see my toes wiggle when we went to buy Buster Brown shoes in PawRichman.

Those hazards were everywhere. In historic downtown Frederick Maryland I restored the first house I ever owned. My father in law got me a customer cash account at the local trades dealer so I could buy supplies for my sweat equity at the hozzel rate.

I put USG Joint compound on the worn out horse hair plaster in my 1790's fixerupper. After applying 30 30gallon cans of joint compound and sanding the surface smooth I needed just a little more to finish. I went to the hardware store to buy a small tub of it. On the label was printed the warnings about it containing ASBESTOS. I had done all that work, even forgot to use a mask without knowing that there was asbestos in that stuff.

I wonder why customers had to know but the tradesmen weren't told that the stuff had asbestos in it. The base for this stuff smelled sweet because it contained vinyl chloride. Later on we found out that vinyl chloride (the chemical that gives a car the NewCar smell) causes liver cancer. So, you don't have to think that Staten Island is the only place where you can be a toxic waste dump.

I suppose the only way you can avoid hazards is if you do nothing. None of us are do-nothings so all we need to do is care about each other regardless.

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