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I visited Staten Island with my family, children that grew up in the West. like the State of Washington. I showed them all of Staten Island that I grew up in. West Brighton, North Burgher Ave, Castleton Ave, Sacred Heart Church and the school. St Peters high school for Boys. Staten Island Ferry. Stapleton, then over to Port Richmond and Port Richmond High school and the ball field. Sharpe Ave and St. Mary Church. The street that my father and grandmother lived in Port Richmond. The old Rapid Transit railroad that used to run on the North Shore. The railroad tresels that I and my friends used to walk from West Brighton the Port Richmond. Wiessglass (?) Stadium. The ferry boat at the end of Richmond Ave that used to take us to the Penny-arcade on the New Jersey side. I travel around with a rental car and a cam-corder. I recorded all the sites and will return again to do it again. I love Staten Island and the foods that I can no longer get in the wide open spaces of Washington State. I consider anyone living on Staten Island, lucky. Like McArthur once said, "I will return".

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