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Why we come here Robert Sheridan bobsheridan It's very interesting to see posts describing reasons we visit here. We all left home base, StatNisland, for someplace else, when we were a lot younger. It ain't the same putting down roots in a new place, compared to where you wuz borned at.

"Doesn't anyone stay in one place any more?" sang Carly Simon in the early 'Seventies, capturing the sense that we were all moving all over the place like jitterbugs, and never recapturing what it was like growing up on one block where everybody knew you and you knew everybody else, and when the ice cream bells rang, you interrupted the game and ran for the truck to get that toasted almond, that chocolate covered Eskimo Pie, or the orange ice with the two sticks that you saved up until you could make a raft to float down the gutter, after which you picked up empty cigarette packs to get the aluminum foil to roll into a ball, smelling the tobacco from the left over bits.

I don't think any of us do this any more.


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