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What Wuz It Like Back Then On StatNisland Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Interesting response, LaDoo, claiming the topic is too "deep" for you. That ain't gonna get you offa da hook so easily, although if you just don' feel like playing with this one, that's perfectly all right.

See, I'm imagining that a hundred years from now, someone's gonna be reading this stuff we're all putting up here. They're gonna be thinking, oh, so that's what it was like to live on StatNisland a hundred years ago. So I was trying to encourage anyone who felt like it to say what something was like for them. It could be school, the beach, a job, a friend, coming, going, whatever. Anything except cockaroaches. If Art wantsta do waterbugs, that's okay. I knew he musta been thinking something, doing that, and sure enough! For him Proust's Madeleine is a Water Bug. See, that's what happens when you grow up in Westaleigh and go to Wagnah. Now if he'da grewsome in FawCawnahs and gone to Wagnah, things woulda turned out much bettah for him, I'm quite sure. But we all can't have all the advantages, can we. As some wit posted not too long ago, some days you're the windshield, and some days you're the bug, right Harry?

Other folks started talking Aquehongian, which I thought was tres cool. Never expected to see that. So I feel like I lit a fire under someone to do something none of us has ever seen before. That's pretty good, don't you think? Lighting a fire like that? Coming up with Aquehongian? Was that the original name of StatNisland? I thought it was just the Boy Scout camp I went to up at Ten Mile River for three summers running. Learn something new around here every day. Thanks so much, SI-Poet, that was great.

I haven't quite finished reading the rest of the posts, but I thank everybody who is responding.

So, LaDoo, I ain't asking for anything deep, only some little thing you experienced, so that a hundred years from now someone can say, oh, so that's how that was, how interesting, we do it differently today. It's probably gonna be something as plain as dust. A hundred years ago, I don't think they sold sliced bread, or had indoor plumbing.

Hell, my first TV was so old, it didn't run on electricity. It ran on steam. Old gag I used to tell the kids.

I wonder what we did, or do, that they'll laff at tomorrow. Such as writing on these websites,using a keyboard, a phone wire, and a screen. I bet that'll be a scream some day. Only thing is I wouldn't hazard a guess as to what they'll be using instead.

So, deep this ain't.

Thanks for playing along while I keep throwing the lit matches.


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