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uPdated Roll Call...Where R U Now? Marguerite Rivas sipoet I was born in Richmond Memorial Hospital and lived in a lily cup house pretty much surrounded by woods. There were vernal ponds, beds of moss, quartz encrusted patches of earth and beech and sweetgum trees to keep me company in my early years. Then the bridge started to go up. The incessant whirring, whining, of chainsaws followed by the shouts of workers is an auditory memory that I cannot shake. The smell of the earth after the trees were uprooted is one of my olfactory memories.

This morning I went to Allison Pond. An early spring had the trees and flowers blooming this week. A late snow covered them in soft, fat flakes. It is beautiful. The lemon yellow forsythia looks like a confection, covered in icing. I drove to the Terrace; the harbor was enshrouded as the snow swirled in slow balletic movement - easy and graceful. A barge laden with what looked like green rock (actually reminded me of serpentine) was moored at the old gypsum plant at the foot of Jersey Street.

While it's true that the place I'm from was transmogrified by overdevelopment, the place I'm at now is no less beautiful to me. You just have to look.

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