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What Wuz It Like Back Then On StatNisland Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I guess Art's gonna tell us what a bug from Br**klyn circa 1676 has to do with StatNisland and The Way It Wuz.

It doesn't even look like the Japanese Beetles, or the Seventeen Year Locusts we used to see.

Maybe it's a Westerleigh Bug, or because it's pretty Artistic looking, an Art-Bug.

At any rate, I wuz hoping to provide some inspiration for youse guys to get cookin' in the noodle department, historical division, and seemed to do pretty well, cockaroaches aside.

At least we've succeeded in separating the more historically minded from the buggier one.

Maybe dis bug came over on Verrazzano's bark. Could be an Italian bug, the first of many, no doubt. Maybe Art could ask it. Try Sicilian first, Toscano second. Worst comes to worst, ask it in Brooklynese.

Meanwhile if anybody wants to continue the historical line of the thread, feel free. Ditto the buggie ones.

-rs :)

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