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What Wuz It Like Back Then On StatNisland Rose Paterno Jan This goes a little beyond the seventeen hundreds.(no I wasn't there,not yet anyway)
In 1524 Verrazzano set sail in the Dauphine and among his various landings along the coast, he came to a very pleasant situation between some steep hills ( the Navesink Highlands, and the high ground at the east end of Staten Island)through which a very large river, deep at its mouth flowed to the the sea, from the sea to the estuary of the river,any ship heavily laden might pass, with the help of the tide which rises eight feet. But as they were riding at anchor in a good berth, they knew they would not venture up in their vessel without a knowledge of the mouth. They took the boat and entering the river they found the country on its banks well peopled, the inhabitants not differing much from the others,being dressed with the feathers of birds of various colors. Verrazzano tells of how the Indians greeted them with shouts of joy, and how they showed him where to land safely with their boat. Going beyond these hills (inside the narrows ) he describes a very beautiful lake(the upper Bay) three leagues in circuit where the Indians were rowing in thirty or more boats from one shore to the other. He called the Bay Santa Margarita, and the river and the surrounding land "Angoleme."

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