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THE POMEROY GROUP - COMBAT Charles Schleininger corsair Recollections by R. Kurner - Pilot - 415th Bomb Squadron; 98th Bomb Group.

"In the 15th AF, it was expected that we would fly 50 missions before we would be eligible for rotation to the US. The 8th AF, in England, was expected to fly 25 missions. As the expected loss ratio was 4%, simple math tells you that after 25 missions, a loss of 100% could be expected. I don't believe this method of calculation is correct. If you start with 100 crews & not replace the losses, the number would go down fractionally as each mission was completed. After 25 missions, 28 crews would still be flying. However the calculations, we had a goal to look forward to completing. Our goal of 50 missions was based on the premise that the 8th AF missions over Axis territory were more dangerous than ours. That premise wasn't necessarily true because the 8th AF had some easy missions (milk runs) too. However, I will concede that when they bombed German targets like Hamburg & Berlin, they would encounter more flack & fighters. Somehow it was decided that whenever we went to an Axis target including Germany, Austria, Hungary & Romania, we would get double credit so that we would not be flying 50 actual missions. Ours was a better arrangement than that given the German aircrews who flew until they were killed or wounded so bad that they could not fly." To be Continued.

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