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What Wuz It Like Back Then On StatNisland Harry White hrwhite Ya almost right, Bobby. But I ain't been ta scool yet, so I don't know how ta write. I jus tell da jokes to whoeva wants ta listen.
Don't have much memory of da 1800 period cept dat dad was born in Rosebank/Fort Wadsworth area twards da end of da century. When WWI broke out dad an his younger brother John signed up and were shipped to France. Shortly after arriving John was killed by a bullet from a weapon being cleaned by a fellow doughboy. John White was the first WWI Staten Island casualty. Dad a mule skinner/blacksmith at the start of the war moved on to motor trucks and became a mechanic. When the war was over he returned to Staten Island and eventually landed a job as a mechanic at Marine Hospital.
In '35 dad married a lady from Manhattan. In '37 they had a beautiful, adorable, cute baby boy. Dat boy grew up loven fun. He found a computer and has been posting jokes ever since for dem dat wants to read dem.

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