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My brain fried at the thought of responding to rs' challenge to write something that "the mere scent of which instantly transports you back in time and place like the magic carpet of old or the time-machine of the sci-fi books and movies" and my brain went boing. All I came up with was this bug. We used to call them "water bugs" to avoid any unseemly connotations. I imagined what this incredibly adaptable creature would be able to say about Staten Island over the years. In fact this guy even loves the "sanitary landfill" which is something we all could do without even thinking about.

I guess the dramatic "beauty" of this bug was too much to take and it stopped a lot of folks right in their, I apologize, Bob, for breaking the "train." Wasn't it Gertrude Stein who said "a train isn't a train if isn't going anywhere." So, fellow StatNislanders please jump on this train and go to where rs was heading before I rudely inserted the bug in your way.


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