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What Wuz It Like Back Then On StatNisland Gina * Gina While out for a Sunday afternoon canoe ride...

OHMY! Look a yonder - I that an island? Sure looks like an island a "standN" there all alone, "le plus pur d'intact par la crème de l'homme des riches écrème le désert" of the height of natures tranquility, baron and unstripped by the hands of the white man. An ISLAND so beautiful to the eyes of the beholder...row, row, rowwwwwwwwww your boat - we must stake claim to protect her from the that * New World * destruction they call "settlement & progress".

Hurry now, let us make camp...chop down those trees...not too many now - as few as needed to make a clearing only big enough to house 100 TeePee's, put the Chief's in the head TeePee and house the Witch Doctor/Medicine Man to his right, to the left of the Chief's TeePee set the most welcoming, exclusively furnished top-shelf Guest TeePee you can construct...we need to attract the attention of the white man so we can lure them in, then capture them. We'll ankle clamp their legs, tie them to well anchored stakes, feed them well to keep them alive so we The Algonkin Indians can teach them the lessons of preserving this God given precious pristine standN alone island. We the holders of this most beautiful land must do our best to never again let the white man free to travel their destructive road of what they call "progress"

OH "this island" a "standN there" we must give it a name. What should it be? Ateepee, Abeauty, Disisland, Datisland ahhhhhhhhh let it be StatNisland, YES! StatNisland (can't find the name SI had in the 1500's). From this day forward we will be know as Her first inhabitants and tag ourselves "Lenni-Lenape" meaning "original people."

We are the first inhabitants. We are the Algonkin Indians - a friendly lot - of the Delaware Nation. We're proud as we can be, we are the warriors of this land they call America sent by the Heads of Preservation to Staten Island to cradle Her in our loving hands, so as to forever protect Her picturesque woodsy, free winding paths lined with the non-polluting, pollinating life of Dandelion, path-side berries & all the fruits of natures garden.

We will welcome & share this Island with other tribes whom we strongly feel appreciate the beauty of God's gift-filled lands...c'mon Tappans, Heckensacks and Raritans...come roam the forests of this 57 square mile clean & serene paradise, abounding in game, convenient for fishing, its fertile soil raising rich crops in even the limited areas the aborigines planted, a short canoe paddle to the Mainland.

"L^oo^kie, L^oo^kie here comes Indian Maiden Saladatea, nope it's the Child of IM Winona - Indian Maiden Cookie Crisp & Warrior Crumb Bun, freely frolicking along the shores of StatNisland, laughing n a dancin without a thought of molestation or trashy debris to get in their way...let's see what they may have found on our shores today. Is this a book, ahhhh yes it's some kind of book. Let's take a l^oo^k...YES! It's a Journal belonging to Jasper Danckers. There's an entry about US The Lenni-Lenape inhabitants of The describes by saying our physical features vary, from "tolerably stout," to "generally well-limbed, slender around the waist, and broad-shouldered." Jasper says we have black hair and black or brown eyes, and we're red of skin. He mentions we have thick lips and thick noses as facial features. Of our women he observes "Some of the women are very well featured," which is another way of saying they are beautiful. He writes of his recollection of a lovely Indian maiden, Winona, who could capture one's heart in any language. Jasper Danckers says he made her a princess in a fanciful short story one time, and immortalized her in a poem which few have ever read. Such is immortality! He (Jasper) is still keeping her alive in his fancy, but her beauty and fire once warmed the hearts of hunters in our primal forests. Winona! Child of Aquehonga (Staten Island)

Chief! Chief! Members of this Island - come hither for you must see what I do see - is that a ship I see afloat in our Great Harbors waters...yes, yes - OH NO they're here - it's the European White Men of lodge 1524 about to invade our shores. Float now Warrior Crumb Bun & your Courageous Indian Troops, safely float out to that thar ship...supeona request all their credentials, l^oo^k them over with the eyes of a Legal Eagle Scout - tell us if their flag inscription holds any truth "Italian born Giovanni da Verrazano & crew, "The Dolphin" under the French flag - entering The Great Harbor 1524.

*Note the names (not the silly made uP names), tribes, time stamp & JD's description of
Staten Islands inhabitants & Indian Maiden Winona referred to in the above are all true parts of Staten Island history. The Staten Island Indians were friendly. Hostilities in which they engaged occasionally were activated from other localities, provoked by injustices or by attacks by New Amsterdam inhabitants or those of other areas.


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