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Sauce or Gravy? Green Fried Tomatoes Gina * Gina WOW! mim/harry
I make fried green (almost turning to light red) tomatoes with Sunday brunch sometimes...YUMMY
egg em, flour/Italian bread crumb em, (there's dat word CRUMB again LOL), fry em slowly/moderately till golden in small amount of either REAL olive oil or REAL butter or combo of both using 3/4 butter 1/4 olive oil.

OH! They're sooooooooooooo good :)

*like Rich says in a later post - FARM FRESH TOMAOTES - it's rare that I ever by tomatoes in the food stores - we have this terrific U-Pick vegetable/fruit farm about 5 minutes from my house - only the best of fresh vine/tree ripened :) ...NO I DON'T opt to do my own picking - I leave that to the experts cause they ain't scared a all them little critters that like hangin out in & around the farm fields.
BTW Margie & her hubby honey Dave grow GREAT tomatoes & veggies out there on the uPPer "Left Coast"



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