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Name that NY'er Gina * Gina Bob Sheridan-RS / Dan Blaine-DBLIVIT / Patrick O'Shaughnessy-patos / Charlie Joseph-CJoseph / Marcene Daniels-Oldtimer / Margie & John Ritter-JR - their train escapades have to be some kind of famous imaging NY LOL & ((((ALL)))) uz otter NY/SI characters dat hang our StatNisland Memory Plaques here on The Staten Island Web Site :)

Can't name allllllllllllllllllllll the names here - ain't got enough time cause it would take more than a KaWfee & Crumb Bun break...

We're (((ALL))) famous! We etched dis place in history on da Internet Map, didn't we LOL

*using Rich's dickinary now - dare goes the Spell Checker

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