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uPdated Roll Call...Where R U Now? Marcene Daniels oldtimer Well as the saying goes: A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Here I am sitting on my buns in sunny California. I am still mossless. LOL.

I often think back to where I have been in my life and it always seems the years I lived on the "OLD GIRL", Staten Island are the most remembered. I think anyway. I arrived there in my third grade at P.S.29. My dad worked for U.S.Gypsum Co. at the time and we moved from Manhattan to the island to save the time it took to commute. As I was then such a small child, living on Gower Street off Victory Blvd, it seemed that I had a long walk to school. Now they probably bus the kids. But, the fun of that long walk on cold icy mornings, with galoshes and snow suit and warm mittens and hat on, is a fond one to remember. Stepping in every icy puddle to be the one to crack the ice, and watch my breath leave a mark in the air. Fun for a child, but so hard for an oldtimer as I, if I had to do it again. No thanks you. When I recall the games played, the penny candy store, the smells of the local grocery store, the ice cream fountain in Sullivan's Pharmacy, the fresh buns at Schumann's Bakery, the stinking Thompkins' buses, the Ferry,
the small pleasures we appreciated, like Sunday School outings and all the joys of childhood, that is when I am so greatful that I lived in such innocence. We never had TV to tell us nightly of all the horrors around us. I am sure they existed out there but we did not know.
Oh to be that innocent again. I lived thru the years in complete content as a child. Belly flopping on my sleigh, with mom in knickers she got someplace, and picking berries on a picnic after a long walk in the woods, these made up my memories of my youth and I relive them often. It takes away the hurts of today. I met my long life companion of fifty-eight years of marriage in Curtis HIgh School. We shared our lives till just recently and you know when we sat and chatted in our late night sessions at the table it was of the "Island" that we talked. What a place. Let's keep her alive here and in our memory. Contribute often. It is a trip to our past. We need to travel there.


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