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I feel it is time I write a blurb as I have been sitting back and waiting for some of the new visitors to get into the action here. I am thinking today of Crumb Buns. My favorite subject.
As all of you old members of this site know I recently had a nice small gathering at my home in Placerville of my cyber friends on chat who could make the trip to the left coast. We had a wonderful visit and much to the surprise of family and friends locally, did well in choosing my Staten Island Web friends. We all had one good time talking about Staten Island. The one I was most anxious to meet again was Connie Chorman who I had looked for when I first found this Gathering and she and I were re-united. We had been like sisters from the time I was nine or ten and that makes it over sixty long years ago. Well the story is she brought out a few dozen Crumb Buns. We devoured them in short order.
JR,his wife, Gina, and Margie and her hubby and I and my hubby and daughter and all enjoyed them.But I must tell you that the Crumb Buns of Connie, and RS and my time at Four Corners are not the ones that all you current residents are eating. The dough is different and most of all so are the crumbs. I must therefore admit that in this case , the past is dead. I have to give up and accept the fact, my buns died and are now gone forever.
Marcene,the oldtimer
If you wake up and you are not in a satin lined box smile it is a great day

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